Grenfell Speaks

J4G is delighted to partner with Grenfell Speaks, a 100% community based, social media initiative set up by local resident Faisal Metalsi to ensure that the voices of the community – unmediated by others – can be heard.
Grenfell Speaks has worked hard to ensure that more people can access information and updates by live-streaming community meetings; has spoken individually to numerous residents; interviewed experts and generally been ever-present at numerous community events and happenings related to Grenfell. You can check out Grenfell Speaks on YouTube and Instagram. We will also be adding feeds to this site.

Music video project

As mentioned we are working with young people aged 11-19 on a music video project  around issues that are important to them and will be bringing them to Harrow Club on Friday to record in the studio at 2pm.  We are hoping  young people from the area will join us to show that young people from all over London can come together to have one voice in a powerful visual statement. We will be filming dance too and have permission/parental consent  forms available for those who want to take part.
The content of the song is being written by youth today, 15th August, and tomorrow, Wednesday 16th August. If anyone wants to join we are meeting at Southwark Lewisham college campus opposite Southwark station  12-4pm Tues-Thurs. We have a pineapple dance tutor creating a routine, vocal coaches and a drama coach and will be creating content for the track.
And please get permission from one of your parents/guardians with this online form

Ghosts of Grenfell

Lowkey, a North Kensington resident affected by the Grenfell disaster, brings the community together to call for justice with his latest release, Ghosts of Grenfell. Many of the local residents, key players in the community generated relief and support efforts, are featured in the accompanying video, demanding to know where are all those friends and neighbours who are still “missing”. Powerful, emotive, apposite.