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3 Billboards Outside Grenfell Tower, London

Written by 3e1lnm

8 months on from the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower, the issue is being ignored.

71 people died in the Grenfell Tower.

And still no arrests.

And still 297 flammable towers.

And still hundreds of survivors are homeless.

And still they are not represented on the inquiry.

And still there is no justice.

These 3 billboards are here to keep this tragedy in the national conscience, to make our voices heard.

And our voices call for change to a system that kills.

And our voices demand justice for Grenfell.

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  • Is it now confirmed that the total is 71? I thought it was a lot more. 71 is still an outrage. 8 months is still too long for justice and truths. Even so.

  • Only in 2018 TORY BRITAIN could a monumental tragedy (its traumatised survivors) be cast aside with such utter contempt. We need a new word in the dictionary to describe how LOW this excuse for a ‘Government’ can go: because I can’t think of one SICK enough to do *justice* to the LOWEST of the low.

  • Normal citizen, they charge very quieck and for corporate companies they can get away with it.

    System against the poor, and protect the elite

    Everybody know

  • God is by your side. If he allowed this to happen, he will know how to amend the situation. It is hard to accept what happened . But be assured that when things hit rock bottom and when all hope is gone it is at this time that God will lift all of you up in his palm and show his glory and power to all the unfairness and cruelty that you good people have suffered all these while. Don’t despair, and don’t let the fire in your hearts die as I strongly believe and have faith that your prayers and fight for justice will be fulfilled as God loves the poor, hungry and faithful. May God Bless you all always and increase your strength for your fight for justice.

  • I agree ,the total number of dead has not been conclusively verified and as it is likely that some witnesses are in hiding, fearing detention in some immigration holding facility, I think we still need
    to keep an open mind on this..

  • 8 months on from the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower, the issue is being ignored. It could take years to find out the truth and they have to find the true facts has to what really started the fire too. Yes it is sad but like a road accident it takes a long time to deal with the matter. Then u have many people who should not have even been living in the tower so this caused overcrowding and hence it made it a danger to live in too. And made it a fire hazard. Are these people on the streets ??? were they not given temp housing ?? So now that leaves the question where are they all going to live??? there is not enough homes to go around There are many people living on the street because there is no housing places for them too. There is one Family who have 2 children who sleep in a car has there is no housing for them that is very sad too. They will get rehoused if they are entitled to be in this country and to be rehoused has a lot went into hiding too. So like everyone else they just have to wait.

    • MPs used Twitter to draw attention to the man’s death and criticise policies they said had contributed to a sharp rise in the number of rough sleepers in the UK.

      Rough sleeping in England has increased for seven consecutive years, with official figures showing that 4,751 people slept outside overnight in 2017.

      The number of children in England stuck in hostels and other temporary accommodation has risen to more than 120,000, according to government figures.

  • I’m sorry for all those suffering in any way from this tragedy.
    All residents should be housed now.
    There was criminal negligence and covering up now going on.
    Criminals go to prison but it would appear not to be the case if you have a political or posh title and pots of money.
    Scandal upon scandal as with Hillsborough,

  • The British government need to be arrested for murder and attempted murder the facts remain are people from Grenville are homeless !! No money to resettle then in new housing !! If they are it’s a hostel or one room in bed and breakfast places where’s there’s families with children and in a different catchment area so there school and friends etc are affected !! The residents are recovering donations from public it’s a disgrace that no sprinklers were in building !! People Died children died everything they owned up in smoke and all they gave today is the clothes on there backs !!dup is propping up Theresa May in a hung parliament and labour did nothing zero to implement a second election 😢. From DUP 10 propped up Theresa May to continue to be prime minister she was not elected inbu the democratic process !!! She will do nothing even in Ireland there is tower flats two in Belfast the srinjer!!from Ireland in occupied counties of the north and the republic we want the Tory government arrested and charged for murder #justicefirgenvilleNOW !!! Keep ur strength up to the campaigns and u will get stronger hillsborough 46 years on Truth and justice we pay fir each and every one of you god bless from Ireland 🇮🇪

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