Nicholas Paget-Brown resigns as Leader of RBK&C

The Justice4Grenfell campaign welcome Nicholas Paget-Brown finally doing the right thing and stepping down as Leader of the Council, something the survivors, residents and broader community have been calling for since the Grenfell Tower disaster. His Deputy, Rock Feilding-Mellen, has also stepped down according to media reports.

The Council’s total failure to respond adequately to the scale of the Grenfell Tower disaster has increased the negative impact on survivors, the terrible events they experienced were compounded by the continuing incompetence of the Council.

It remains to be seen whether other members of the Council will also step down.

Grenfell Tower probe may be too narrow for blaze survivors admits enquiry chief

The Press Association are reporting that the judge leading the public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire has expressed doubt that the probe will be broad enough to satisfy all survivors.

Sir Martin Moore-Bick travelled to the site of the disaster in north Kensington on Thursday morning, later meeting those who escaped the inferno.

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Survivors moved out of borough despite gov assurances


We have just been informed that survivors from the Grenfell Fire who had been housed in a hotel in the local area have been split up and sent to two different hotels outside the borough.

“The government has said they are committed to looking after residents but today I witnessed very upset survivors of the Grenfell fire again being separated and moved to new hotels out of the borough. This is a disgrace and the government must fulfil its obligations to treat these traumatised people with both respect and care.”

Pilgrim Tucker, Community Organiser working with Grenfell survivors.

Please contact Pilgrim for further information
Mobile: 07475 556686

Metropolitan Police Service initial findings – statement

Press release

The Justice4Grenfell campaign welcomes the expediency with which the Metropolitan Police Service has released their initial findings of the cause of the Grenfell Tower fire. Their statement that criminal charges are being considered due to the outside cladding and insulation failing preliminary safety tests is also appreciated by the North Kensington community.

A campaign spokesperson said,

“This timely and open communication from the MPS to the community helps to mitigate the initial lack of confidence in the responsible authority. This level of transparency should set the bar for all future communications, continuing to ensure that the affected community is receiving adequate updates and information.”

Launching the Campaign: Unity, Equality and most importantly JUSTICE

Press release

On Monday 19th June 2017 we launched the Justice4Grenfell campaign following the tragic events in the early hours of Wednesday 14th June 2017. The Launch consisted of a Silent Walk of Remembrance beginning at 16:00.

We walked from the local library, (one of the community service buildings destined for the private sector) 108 Ladbroke Grove W11 1PZ, to the Grenfell site.

Bereaved families, multi faith leaders, representatives from the emergency services and the newly-elected MP for Kensington headed the walk.

The campaign is a community-led coalition established to obtain justice for all the residents of Grenfell tower. The bereaved families; survivors; the local community and representative organisations working together in a multi-faceted approach will propel it. We will leave no stone unturned to ensure that there is justice for each and everyone affected by this tragic event. The campaign’s ultimate aim is to be a platform for change to ensure that such an event never happens again.

The campaign has an immediate focus on the survivors and their families as there is a desperate need to instantly put in place an urgent and compassionate response that addresses their needs, including rehousing (in the borough); financial support and replacement of official documents.

Toby Laurent Belson – Campaign Co-ordinator said:

“We are asking for anyone affected who has not spoken to anyone yet to come forward to ensure every issue is known and taken in to account.

This will be essential for the longer-term aims of the campaign and for submission to the planned Public Inquiry. Justice 4 GRENFELL aims to empower the community to state what THEY want to be included in the terms of reference of the Inquiry and what the scope of the Inquiry should cover. The outcome of this Public Inquiry will be a litmus test for how national and Local Government policy impacts communities up and down the length of Great Britain.”

Ishmahil Blagrove – Campaign Co-ordinator said:

“It is time for all marginalised communities across Britain regardless of class, faith or ethnicity to come together and challenge the inequalities that have plagued our society”.

The Campaign’s legal strategy will be steered under the advice of human rights Barrister and champion Michael Mansfield QC.

The campaign understands the anger that local and national communities are experiencing at this time; we hear you and welcome this – but ask for those attending the walk to remain dignified and respectful in memory of those who have passed and their loved ones.

For further information and media inquiries please contact Justice4Grenfell

Day of rage and counter peace protest – statement

Press Release

Whilst we empathise with the objectives of groups who want to support the Justice4Grenfell Campaign – we want to state categorically that Justice4Grenfell has not organised any of these planned events.

We do however implore those people who are attending either rally to ensure that the victims, bereaved families and the local community, who are still grieving, are foremost in their minds. Justice4Grenfell campaign’s immediate concern is to ensure that the priority needs of those directly affected are met. We still have residents of the tower unaccounted for, residents who have lost everything they owned, and we are mourning those that died.

We ask that any support for the Grenfell families is carried out in a peaceful, dignified and respectful manner.

For further details contact Justice4Grenfell