One Year On: Bradford & Leeds Solidarity Walk and Vigil

For the past couple of months, people in Bradford and Leeds have been making artworks, writing poetry and painting hearts in readiness for our solidarity event with Grenfell.

On the first anniversary, they gathered together outside Bradford City Hall and walked with their hearts and the names of the children, women and men who died, to honour and remember them. They walked to Bradford Cathedral, and spoke the names of the 72 people who died as they lit candles.

“The feeling of unity and love was heart-achingly shared and felt and we thank the Grenfell community for guiding us to that, through their show of strength and dignity.

The artworks we have made convey our feelings on life, love and loss and are another way for us to share our solidarity. They are there too, to raise money for the Justice4Grenfell campaign.

One of the pieces “we’re all someone’s daughter, we’re all someone’s son” is a collective artwork of 72 miniature keepsakes made by a cross-section of people from all over Leeds and Bradford. You can bid online for them here: Keepsake Exhibition where you can also find out more about the other work.”

Thanks to Neil Terry for photographing the event.

One Year On: Gloucester Park Solidarity Silent March

Gloucester park silent March for Grenfell, was very well attended. The speakers included Unite Union, Unite community, FBU, CWU and was attended by Unison, and a RMT representative. The local Pastor also spoke, as well as Gloucester labour parliamentary candidate.
Over eighty people turned out to march through Gloucester and there were plenty of acknowledges from general public.

Special thanks to Steve Gower for organising. Photo credits go to Kurt Schroeder Photography.

WOW Fest Liverpool – 3rd May 2018

On the 3rd May, Tasha made a keynote speech at WOW Fest in Liverpool at the Black-E on great George Street.

She then joined an panel of incredible people, hosted by Professor David Whyte. The panel, named #Justice4Grenfell, included Joel Benjamin, Pilgrim Tucker and Lowkey.

A wide range of topics was covered, from housing, to the initial and ongoing response by authorities, the media bias that the community faces, the housing crisis and the materials used on the tower, to name a few.

This was a very informative event, and we were able to take some important things away from it – but most importantly, as well as the vast amount of knowledge, we came away with huge support for the campaign, and the community.

Liverpool stands with Grenfell, even more so because of the similar trials and tribulations that the community of Liverpool have faced over many years. We are grateful to have their support.


Whitehawk Ultras in solidarity with Grenfell

Our friends at the Whitehawk Ultras in Brighton dedicated their last game of the season to the victims of Grenfell and the fight for justice the community is facing.

They displayed the Justice4Grenfell Banner throughout the game, and at 72 minutes into the game, they held images of the 72 victims of the disaster up for a moment of silence.

On Monday 7th, some members attended the Dulwich VS Hendon FC game at the KNK Stadium, and again, they carried the banner, making sure their message was loud and clear – Justice For Grenfell.

We’d like to thank the Whitehawk Ultras for their ongoing support and solidarity.

Bristol Solidarity March – 14th March 2018

Thanks to all for walking in solidarity – and thank you to Matthew Phillip Long for the photos.