Yvette spoke at a Public Meeting hosted by Waltham Forest Unite Branch on Wednesday 25th April. The meeting was titled –
The Shadow of Grenfell: Austerity, Gentrification and the Housing Crisis.
Yvette spoke about the Social, Historical, economical and political issues of  housing in Notting Hill. She drew a link with the current situation of the Windrush Generation and their experience of finding safe and affordable housing when they came to the UK;  Their experience of poor Housing Conditions and ruthless Landlords through to moving to social housing and the development of Housing Associations in the area. Managed decline of social housing – people moving out of the area and she also looked at the adverse impact on the local economy with the pricing out of businesses both in buildings on the Portobello Road market.
Additionally, she spoke of how gentrification was leading to the breaking up of a long standing diverse community and a new high priced purchasing community that doesn’t integrate.
Yvette said,
“The Atrocity that happened at Grenfell Tower shows us every thing that is wrong with our society. Inequality, Profit and Greed before people, discrimination, deregulation, the decline of public services, privatisation all have a hand in in what occurred.”