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Alison McGovern MP sends letter to the Prime Minister, urging support for ‘Hillsborough Law’ to assist Grenfell.

On Friday, Alison McGovern MP sent a letter to the Prime Minister, expressing cross-party support for ‘Hillsborough Law’, the Public Authority (Accountability) Bill, to assist the Grenfell public inquiry.

The letter comes with a reminder to the Prime Minister that she has ‘argued that it is priority for her government to tackle ‘burning injustices’ within our society and the Grenfell fire serves as a stark reminder that this issue goes beyond the suffering of the Hillsborough families’. There can be no injustice more cruel or painful than the experience of the Hillsborough families and that of the families of other victims of public disasters who have been treated in an appalling way by public bodies and by the legal system.

It is the hope of Alison McGovern MP and many others who have signed the letter including Andy Burnham, Len McCuskey, Professor Phil Scraton and Margaret Humphry’s, to make good commitment, support the measures contained within this Bill, and take a vital first step towards changing the culture by improving justice and accountability for public bodies in our country.