Justice4Grenfell say No to Justice delayed

London, 7 March 2019

21 months on from the Grenfell Tower fire that claimed the lives of 72 innocent people, bereaved families and survivors are rightly dismayed at the Police update which stated that that the Metropolitan Police Service will likely not file submissions for criminal charges to the CPS until at least 2021.

Nabil Choucair, bereaved family member and Chair of the Grenfell Trust, says

 “It is a complete disgrace and a betrayal of our loved ones that we lost on the 14thJune 2017. It appears to be a massive cover up and as if they are looking for excuses and loopholes not to prosecute so the guilty parties get off scot free. We will never stand for that”.

 Shahrokh Aghlani, who is also a bereaved family member, walked out of the meeting with Police yesterday in protest of the announcement.

Justice4Grenfell does not understand why the Police are waiting for the Public Inquiry evidence before sending a file to CPS – these are and should be handled as two separate investigations.

Justice4Grenfell share the views of bereaved families and the survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire and believe that justice delayed is justice denied. We will not accept a repeat of the mistakes of Hillsborough. We have recently seen example of ‘justice delayed and then denied’ in the case of Sean Rigg. The MPS needs to recognise that delay tactics usually have adverse outcomes.

We stand with the bereaved, survivors and local community in the fight to get justice for the 72 people who died and whilst we ask that the Police do a thorough investigation, it is not right that the families are faced with a 4 year wait for justice and change.