On the 2nd anniversary of the Grenfell Tower disaster, the Justice 4 Grenfell Campaign cannot find enough word to express our gratitude for your outpouring of assistance and remarkable support over the last 2 years.

72 people women, men and children lost their lives as a result of the fire; they are not here to speak out, but all of you are ensuring today that their voices are heard.

Martin Luther King stated that

‘Injustice everywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’,

and what happened at Grenfell will stay in our minds forever.

The campaign is fighting for justice and change. In February 2018, Justice 4 Grenfell drove 3 Billboards around London to ensure that what happened at Grenfell Tower stays in the public consciousness. This year we launched the ‘No Death in Vain’ Campaign at London Fashion week.

We will continue to speak out on the injustices surrounding the fire at Grenfell tower and keep it in the public domain; we will continue to demand that the public inquiry keeps ‘people’ at the heart of the process; we will continue to demand changes in laws and regulations, to prevent another disaster like Grenfell happening; we will continue to make demands so that everyone has a home where they are safe. Your continued support will be critical to this –

‘Justice will never be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those of us who are’.

The North Kensington community needs and appreciates your support at this difficult time.

We are with our community today. We are standing with Grenfell today and we want to say a heartfelt thank you to you for standing with us too.

In solidarity,

The Justice 4 Grenfell Campaign