This is an appalling statement to make but unsurprisingly symptomatic of Rees Mogg’s ilk. His government failed to implement the recommendations from the Lakanall House Inquiry, leaving the fire service and local authority with ‘stay put’ advice as a national policy and no full evacuation procedure ( not even one that the residents knew) . Rees-Mogg has a privileged background. What is his experience of living in social housing? How many tower blocks has he lived in?

It was his government who destroyed the fire and safety regulations. It was a local authority run by his political party that cost cut and ignored residents’ concerns resulting in the Grenfell atrocity. To suggest that those who followed ‘his’ party’s instructions were not using ‘common sense’ is an absolute insult. That he thinks that this issue is nothing to do with race or class, reveals all we need to know about the upper class, Etonian , Oxbridge ‘ honourable member for the 18th Century’.

He should be ashamed of himself.  But does it matter to him with a net worth of £55 million? He’s better off sticking to talking about Brexit.  He does not know anything about BAME and working class communities or their life experiences and this kind of statement is evidence of that.

May the 72 souls who died at Grenfell rest in everlasting peace.