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Justice4Grenfell collaborate with the iconic London streetwear brand B-Side

Justice4Grenfell collaborate with the iconic London streetwear brand B-Side

Thursday 10th June 2022: A few days before the 5th anniversary of the Grenfell Tower disaster
where 72+ men, women and children needlessly lost their lives, Justice4Grenfell are launching
a t-shirt, designed by iconic London streetwear brand B-Side, to raise funds for their continued
legal fight for justice. They are available to buy for £25 here – LINK

Justice4Grenfell group organiser Yvette Williams said;

“Despite public outcry at the time, and continuous campaigning from many groups, no one has
been held accountable and firms involved were even granted immunity from prosecution.

In short there has been no justice and no change. That’s why this T-Shirt, designed by Walé and
the team at B-Side, is so important. It is a way of coming together to commemorate the 72+
who were taken from us in a way that demands justice, as well as raising funds with all profits
going towards our ongoing legal fight with other social justice campaigns, for public enquiries
to rebalance the inequality of justice.”

Walé Adeyemi, MBE, founder of B-side said;

“It’s an honour to work with Justice4Grenfell but also a great shame that so many years later
there has been no justice. This T-Shirt is a way of commemorating the 72+ whose lives were
lost, it’s a way for everyone out there to show support for Grenfell and the community, and
hopefully we can raise some money so that Justice4Grenfell can continue their fight for justice
and for change. B-Side is all about community so it was a great opportunity for the next
generation of my team (Cyrus, Lucy, Ezekiel, Martin & Frank) to take the lead.”

For more information please contact the Here Be Dragons PR team on:
[email protected] / 07791156326

Grenfell Tower demolition plans are yet another example of the Government failing to listen to the community

Some want the tower to remain covered and others want to turn it into a vertical garden

Seven months before the Grenfell Tower fire, its residents predicted that a “catastrophic” event would happen. No one in authority listened to their concerns during the refurbishment of the building and, as a result, 72 people died. The reports that emerged over the weekend in The Sunday Times that the tower could be set to be demolished next year following a recent structural engineering report are seemingly another example of those in power not listening to Grenfell’s community.

The reports say that the removal is for safety reasons. If so, why has it taken four years? At a series of public meetings following the fire the community repeatedly asked officials about the safety of the building and toxicity in the area. They were consistently told it was safe. Now a structural engineering report has reportedly stated the opposite.

In 2018, the Government set up a Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission “to ensure that the bereaved families, survivors and North Kensington residents lead decision-making on the long-term future of the Grenfell Tower site”.

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Shortly after the then Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, James Brokenshire, reported to parliament on the progress towards the long-term future of the Grenfell site. He stated the Government was “committed to working with the community to create a fitting memorial” with then Prime Minister Theresa May giving her personal commitment that “the bereaved, survivors and community residents will decide what happens to the long-term future of the Grenfell tower site”.

However it feels that it was inevitable that the tower would be removed, regardless of the community’s thoughts. Only a few were consulted with many of the bereaved and former residents not aware that the demolition was planned to happen so soon – they were expecting to hear a decision later this month.

The Memorial Commission has not yet proposed a future for the tower or site; consultation events are still taking place in the community.  There has been a strong consensus among the bereaved families that they are not yet emotionally ready to have the tower removed as they feel it will obliterate the memory of their loved ones too soon and cause further trauma. Some want the tower to remain covered, others want the cover removed and for the burnt husk to remain as shocking reminder of what happened. Another option suggested by bereaved families is a vertical garden tower based on an idea by Italian architect Stefan Boeri.

Ever since the fire happened, the Government has failed to listen to residents and the move to potentially demolish the tower without proper communication shows minimal consideration of the impact it could have on the people whose loved ones died there.

Government consultations with the Grenfell community are increasingly being accused of being a sham. There was the consultation on the terms of reference for the public inquiry – a diverse panel was requested by those impacted and we had to petition and campaign to have one. There have been continued requests for the inquiry to look at issues of race and class, this has been ignored; a much-welcomed Grenfell Recovery Scrutiny Committee was set up by the local authority and then disbanded ignoring the community wishes for it to continue.

It appears the “consultations” are more intent on misleading the community into believing there is some merit in their voices when, in reality, what they seek is endorsement for Government decisions already made. This is not only vague and unworkable – it is also cruel.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has rebutted the weekend’s reports and said no decision has been made. I hope this is true – and brings an opportunity for the decision on what happens next with the tower to be fair, effective and compassionate. The process itself should be appropriate for the bereaved, but also those who were injured and still suffering as a result.

At the moment they are only listened to when in accord with government plans. This is not unique to Grenfell – look at the pandemic and the lack of PPE for those in care homes, or at the leaseholders impacted by the cladding scandal. Our thoughts, feelings and safety are not valued in an increasingly inequitable society. At Grenfell 72 innocent people paid the ultimate price for this attitude. When will those in power listen?

Yvette Williams is a co-ordinator of Justice4Grenfell

💚💚💚💚 4yrs on we remember the 72+ men and children who died in the Grenfell Tower fire. We stand with the Bereaved, Survivors, Residents, and the community at this time. Sharing love and remembrance. Never Forgotten Forever in our Hearts 💚💚💚💚

Four years on from the Grenfell Tower disaster, Justice4Grenfell has launched a campaign to coincide with the 4th anniversary of the fire, using their ‘4’ to highlight a lack of justice and accountability.

Made using news reports and photography from the past four years, the non-profit organisation has produced a series of images and a 72-second film. Each features incriminating stories of inequality, betrayal and fear that show just how much injustice the community has endured since 72 lives were lost.

Despite public outcry at the time, and continuous campaigning from many groups, still no one has been held accountable for the disaster at Grenfell. Firms involved were granted immunity from prosecution if they gave evidence at the Inquiry; firefighters were made a scapegoat during the Inquiry’s first phase; more tower block fires have occurred since then; and even today up to 11 million people may live in properties with unsafe cladding.

The campaign is linked to a petition calling for the government to reform the 2005 Inquiries Act, making it a legal obligation to implement Inquiry recommendations. As it stands, Inquiries have no legal recourse, and governments don’t have to act on recommendations or findings – as was seen with the amendment to the Fire Safety Act – leaving potential risks for future loss of life. Public Inquiries  are hugely expensive and are often plagued with delays. If the government had acted on the inquiry findings following the Lakanal House fire in 2009, the fire at Grenfell tower may have been prevented.

The campaign was created pro-bono by Bilel Labjaoui and Charlie Hallam, alongside Daniel Todd and Nick Toumazi from TAG Worldwide, and local photographer Beresford Hodge. ITN allowed them access to four years of news reports, so that the team could tell the truth of what has happened since the fire and remind the nation of the stories that may have been forgotten, neglected, or ignored.

A short film and photographs will feature in the press and on social media channels. ITN allowed access to four years of news reports so that Justice4Grenfell could tell the truth of what has happened since the fire and remind the nation of the stories that may have been forgotten, neglected, or ignored. These were then brought to life using photography by Beresford Hodge, a local photojournalist who has been documenting the plight of the community since that horrific day.

Justice4Grenfell spokesperson, Yvette Williams, said:

Those in positions of power must be held accountable as it has been four years of inequality and inaction. Few recommendations from Phase 1 of the inquiry have been implemented; amendments to a fire safety bill were consistently voted down and thousands of people still live-in unsafe homes with poor or no remuneration to remove dangerous materials. At the same time building industry companies who falsified fire tests and certificates are still making huge profits. Housing managers who ignored tenants and fire and safety compliance are indifferent to their failures and still have their jobs and a Criminal Investigation has been paused until the conclusion of the Inquiry. This is not justice; this is a lack of political will and accountability.

Whilst Nabil Choucair, who lost six members of his family, said:

“Four years on I fear that those responsible for the fire are going to get away with murder. It’s a shame that the public inquiry cannot be stopped, and the criminal investigation is completed, and prosecutions put in place immediately.”

The campaign will run from 14th June – the 4th anniversary of the tragedy – with more stories being released throughout the year, continuing to call for support until justice is done.


Please sign the petition:

The Euros happen every four years and this should be a moment of national pride. Yet it is four years since the Grenfell disaster, that needlessly took the lives of 72 residents, and we are still no closer to holding anyone accountable or seeing justice for victims. Phase 1 of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry made 46 recommendations only for Tory MPs to vote down an amendment to implement them. Please sign the petition calling for the Government to be legally obligated to implement Public Inquiry recommendations. 

Petition link-

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47 months Never forgotten

💚 Forever in our Hearts 💚💚💚.

Today we especially remember the mother’s who lost their lives at Grenfell, and globally to all mothers fighting for justice everywhere 💚

45 Months on.

Today we especially remember the mother’s who lost their lives at Grenfell; and globally to all mothers fighting for justice everywhere 💚

With solidarity to all this Mother’s Day 💚

Forever in our Hearts 💚💚💚

International Women’s Day 8th March 2021

As we come together as a Sisterhood we honour the women who’s lives, and loved ones were lost at GRENFELL. We will hold them forever in our Hearts. 💚

Women around the world often lead the battle cry for Justice so to ALL women who fight for Justice, and to make this world a better place we stand with you in Solidarity. 

Justice4Grenfell 💚

Interview with Prof Anna Stec, and bereaved family member Nabil Choucair discussing toxicity following GRENFELL TOWER DISASTER. PART 1

This is a film of a Community meeting held in 2018 with Professor Anna Stec. It is a discussion of the toxicity, and soil contamination in the area following the Grenfell Tower disaster.


This footage contains sensitive data and information which some people may find upsetting. The film features Nabil Choucair- bereaved family member. Due to the content and nature of the film, Nabil has now given his authorisation and for it to be released at this time respectfully.