Letter to Evening Standard re: misleading headline

Dear Doug Wills, Managing Editor, Evening Standard

I am writing to you with regard to an article that appeared in yesterday’s edition of the Standard, headlined “New boss in charge of finding homes for Grenfell Families will earn £100K”.

The article itself is fair and accurate overall, however the juxtaposition of the headline, my photo and the picture caption gives the impression that it is I, a Justice 4 Grenfell Campaign Coordinator, who has landed this highly paid, top job at RBKC. This unfortunate error plays into the hands of those seeking to discredit the Campaign by undermining our individual credibility. It suggests that J4G Coordinators are seeking to profit from the apocalypse that is Grenfell and nothing could be further from the truth. We are volunteers who have worked ceaselessly since the launch of the campaign in June, motivated solely by the over-arching desire to achieve justice for all those affected by the entirely preventable disaster.

J4G welcomes the continuing media interest and commitment to covering the Grenfell disaster, over the last 3 months we have spoken to several reporters from the Standard and wouldn’t want our relationship to be jeopardised by headlines that mislead. Based on this good faith and in the spirit of future collaboration, we would welcome a clarification via the letters page or similar.

I/we look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Sue Caro
Campaign Coordinator, Justice 4 Grenfell

Press conference: One Voice Community Collective plus #The Real Community

Friday 14th July 2017 at 6pm
Bay 56, 4 – 8 Acklam Village, Acklam Road, W10 5TY

One Voice Community Collective and members of #The Real Community invites you to attend a press conference at “The Village” Bay 56, 4 – 8 Acklam Village, Acklam Road, W10 5TY just off Portobello Road on Friday 14th July at 6pm.

One Voice Community Collective and members of #The Real Community will present a grassroots report from the Ladbroke Grove Community who have been maintaining and delivering an unprecedented and historic aid effort without the assistance or support from the government or local council. This will be the first in a series of press conferences, which shall focus on specific issues surrounding the Grenfell Tower fire. The aim is to breakdown many of the issues in order to focus and add clarity to the realities faced on a daily basis.

On Friday you will hear first hand accounts from those on the frontline of this unprecedented disaster. We will testify to the love and commitment shown to the victims by ordinary members of the community. Irony has shown it’s those who have the least that ultimately end up giving the most.

Just over four weeks ago our lives where changed forever. Since the fateful night of the Grenfell Tower Fire we have had to the face an almost impossible task of filling the void in response to what was not fulfilled by the government, local council and charitable bodies in terms of aid and support for the true victims of the fire.

We hit the ground running and collectively we’ve had to learn and adapt to the reality of dealing with an unprecedented emergency situation, whilst at the same time being a community in deep grief and trauma.
With so many unanswered questions our mission is to find long-term solutions to rebuild our unified community.

For further information contact: Niles Hailstones + 44 7949 890 245

Will the inquiry be a cover-up?

George Monbiot outlines why the Government must not be allowed to dictate who is the Chair of the Public Inquiry into the Grenfell Fire nor the Terms of Reference. He discusses the very real prospect of Brexit leading to a “bonfire of red tape”, the Tory euphemism for basically removing all protection and rights from workers. Essential viewing.