“Boris Johnson’s decision to honour Moylan in this fashion is a dishonour to the memories of those who perished, as well as a disservice to the brave firefighters and members of this community who battled to save innocent residents from dangerous homes that terrible night three years ago. 

It is also an unmistakable message from our Prime Minister that his friends and allies will not face any consequences for their roles in deregulating quality controls and defunding essential workers necessary to protect lives. Nor will his donor base who chose to ignore the spirit of what little regulation there was to squeeze a few more pounds from the bottom line.

It is clear that we are more likely to see more culprits rewarded than successful prosecutions for Grenfell. Right now, people still live in homes that have cladding similar to Grenfell and Johnson is more concerned with honouring those who played a part in that atrocity to actually protecting those at risk of the next one.”